Tips for Ticcers

There is actually a Torette’s Syndrome Association (TSA) if you have Tourette’s or know someone with it. TSA provides many resources to help.

1) “Tics before Tips” If a waiter gives you a hard time, gives concern over a large majority of people over your own comforts and rights because you are “scaring” their customers, if they are just damn straight ignorant (even after explanation), the possibility of a great tip is low or none at all. This is also a warning for those who work with or work for a restaurant – be nice for everyone is fighting their own battle. 😉

2) Don’t let your weirdness stop you: Everyday I’m already misunderstood as someone obnoxious, intolerable, incongruous, and disruptive. What worse can happen if I fought and died for something and someone important to me despite the majority that disagrees?  Now ask yourself that. What are you passionate about? Would you fight for it even if a majority or the people you care and love for most disagrees with you? And what’s the worse that could happen?

3) Don’t be sorry! Unless your tic was to smack someone.

4) Focus on your breathing.

5) No, having Tourette’s doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from dating. Psh!

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