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Tourette’s Syndrome?

Hello! My name is Megan Phox

Here is a blog to learn more about Tourette’s Syndrome (specifically my experience). Tourette’s is a neurological condition where a person has involuntary physical or vocal “tics” or symptoms such as shouting, screaming, jerking of the head, blinking, etc. It has to do with imbalanced brain chemicals. This is a safe place where you can ask questions that you would be too nervous (although you shouldn’t be) to ask me in person. All frequently asked questions will be in “menu”above where it says “FAQ”.  You can also e-mail me at Meganitup@hotmail.com or add me on facebook (search Megan Phox) to ask me questions. Thank you everyone!

The menu above also has links to “Tics & Fitness” (where I talk about my exercise and nutrition journey) and “Tics & Art” (where I discuss about my artistic endeavors along with a business I’m running where I sell hand-made stickers and sell stationary!). Soon to come is “Tics & Speaking” where I share about my career as a motivational speaker! I’m not one yet, but definitely on the road to becoming a speaker. Just wait 😉

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Book Launch

Are you all ready for a one of a kind book about Tourette’s? In my book Fuck You, I Love You I talk about my love/hate relationship with Tourette’s. In this fun and lighthearted book about me living with Tourette’s, goes over the my entire lifespan of having Tourette’s discussing different topics such as relationships, friendships, schooling, career, traveling, and much more. Raising awareness about Tourette’s to the general audience while giving advice to those who experience Tourette’s. Will keep you posted on when it’s going to be published. I plan on finishing the book in May 7 and publishing it soon there after.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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My Love Story

I met this man at a bar /Vietnamese restaurant. His spirit shined and his soul was so rare and his energy was so contagious. It was a Friday night and I didn’t plan on going to that bar with my friend who was letting me couch surf on their couch during the time. But I’m so glad I came. Here’s why:

The first night I met him he had such a captivating aura that made everyone happy and laugh. The second night I met him at the same bar I was super happy to see him again hosting the karaoke.

Here comes Sunday morning and I had him as a Facebook friend from the night before. I stared at his chat box on messenger for a while wondering when is the right time to text him is . It was 4 in the morning but I decided to text him anyway . He sent me a text back a few hours later. I asked if he wanted to hang out tonight. I assumed we were all going to dinner at night but turns out he was a party animal and wanted to go dancing at the club so we went to Baltic Room in Seattle. I learned that night that he’s a dancer like me and an amazing one too. I think thats when I knew I really wanted him in my life. From that day on we hung out everyday for the next several days in a row.

See the thing is I knew he didn’t care about my Tourettes when I had spitting tics the night we went out dancing. I literally spat on his face multiple times but he continued smiling, beaming and cracking jokes. He didn’t care the first time I met him either because I kept banging the table with my fist and tipping over his tip jar but he was so cool about it. He never judged me. He understood me from the get go.

He placed his arms around me on Sunday night while we walked to the club because of my constant falling tics. He offered me his jacket which I ripped on accident as a tic. He could have cared less about his jacket though making a joke that it’s just from Armani. Nothing important. He made sure I was safe and comfortable.

On Monday morning I asked him to take me to an eye doctor appointment to get my contacts in because my visual impairment didn’t allow me to do it myself. He literally took the initiative at the clinic. He asked the doctor if he can observe and film to learn how to put it in for me in the future (which he has and is very good at it actually) It was the most romantic gesture a man can do for me. It really showed that he cared.

He encourages me to follow my dreams all the time, challenges me without force and really loves how my brain works. He finished reading my 11.000 word Tourette’s book that I’ve been working on in just a couple days. He literally read the whole thing just to understand me more and give me feedback. He encourages me to finish and publish it.

He’s the most transparent and honest man that I know . Honest about his intent, feelings, troubles, worries, hope and dreams.

I feel so happy to have met someone who is on the same wavelength as me and understand intimately how my Tourette’s and quirks works. I’m blessed af. I’m going to cherish this every single day.

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I’m Done

As I lie here chained to my bed with restraints to prevent me from having self-harm tics, I thought about all the people who have ostracized me, underestimated me, discriminated against me, treated me as if I were some sub-human. I will never let it happen again. To the lady that said I should stay at home for the sake of all people, to the boy who said I’m just a weak link in society, to the disability resource center director of my college campus who made me take the class via webcam because the teacher was pregnant (what a pathetic excuse), to the teacher that locked me up when I was in elementary school, to numerous strangers who has called the cops on me, to my friends and relatives who say I should or shouldn’t have kids, you are the problem in society.

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I’ve had friends who have told their friends about me and my Tourette’s and they’ve said some nasty things. For example, “She’s the weakest link in society”, “wtf she shouldn’t have a dog” or “I would find her tics and make them worse” or saying how all their friends have to be ‘normal’ and they cant deal with people’s issues. That’s why it’s SO important to stand up for your friends and educate them. Don’t just sit there, smile and nod your head to fit in.

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. ” -Elile Wiesel

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr.Martin Luther King Jr

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Meditation, Nutrition, & Exercise

Since December 4, 2016, to January 3rd, 2017, I had the honor of being trained, being taught how to meditate properly, and being taught how to eat healthily by a personal trainer named, Peter A. Lucas through Full Spectrum Performance. I am grateful that he taught me the things he did. It literally helped my Tourette’s Syndrome on so many levels. With consistent practice and implementation, meditation nutrition, and exercise literally reduced my tics so much to the point where when I walked in public I didn’t feel like ticcing. It just didn’t cross my mind that often. I meditated while I walking through the busy Christmas crowds at the mall and felt so at peace spending time with my mother as she clearly noticed a change too. That was one of the most magical feelings I always want to recreate and is re-creatable. This was the first couple weeks of training, meditating and eating healthy so it helped when I was doing it consistently. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen off the wagon of meditation, nutrition, and exercise, after abruptly stopping sessions with Peter due to financial problems, but with my experience, all these three combinations, when done consistently, does help with all aspects of life. Although isn’t a cure for Tourette’s, it is a great way to cope and manage Tourette’s symptoms on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level

A client typically spends 12 weeks with Peter towards their transformative journey. Peter really looks out for the client’s best interest with his background in biology. knowledge from his personal training certification and furthermore his in-depth research and experiences to serve his clients, to help them challenge themselves, reach self-efficacy, learn self-reliance, accomplish self-sustainability, and to be overall healthy. Not only that, his personality is frikkin’ bomb. He is understanding, down-to-earth, chillax, and kind. Peter is a wonderful coach who approaches everything in a holistic way – the full spectrum. I have severe Tourette’s which includes spitting, saying derogatory slurs, cursing, throwing stuff (whether that be towards the wall or towards people) and jumping towards people which can all be startling to most. But none of that bugged Peter. Imagine that! That is how cool he is.

The greatest part about training with Full Spectrum Performance and Peter is that he doesn’t just throw some workouts and reps at you leaving you bewildered and overwhelmed, but he helps you become self-sufficient and self-reliant. I’ve learned to work out and meditate on my own when he’s not around to train me. He follows the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” type approach.’ Are you ready for transformation? Are you ready to learn how to fish? Well, let’s get started.fpp



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A Cure for Wellness

My birthday was on June 29. But apparently, I was born again June 30th when visiting a hardcore Christian neighbor that day. This isn’t the first time and never will be the last. I let him pray for me because I know praying for someone is really kind and from the heart, but I also knew he was trying to convert me. Time and time again. Not just then. But he always has. He constantly speaks about Jesus. I’m there to listen. But the intent behind it just bugs me. Ever since he knew I had Tourette’s (which is the first time he met me) he does nothing but try to convert me. It’s sad really. To the eyes of the couple across the street from me, I have an illnesss, an ailment, a flaw that needs to be healed, that needs to be cured. . But you don’t see them trying to go heal the blind, or the deaf, or the amputated. Or maybe they do? I just think that’s silly. 

Why would they think Tourette’s is the same? Believe me I believe that my Tourette’s might get better over time, but through SCIENCE, hence the brain surgery. But a person with Tourette’s will always have Tourette’s no matter how improved their tics become.

Think about this for a moment, if I follow Jesus Christ JUST because I want to be healed is it really genuinely following him? Would I be following him wholeheartedly? Or is just for the possible results? If I follow a religion I’d rather do it because I WANT to and believe in him just because.

After praying for me he asked how I felt. I was the same. My normal twitchy self. 

The thing that boggles my mind is that I may move a lot and shout a lot, but I’m perfectly healthy. Are they curing my well being? Because I am perfectly fine. 

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Making Things Megan-Proof!

My husband and I came up with a brilliant idea! As you all may know (or not know) I break the LCD of my MacBook screen a lot because I throw my wireless mouse at the screen. Instead of constantly breaking the MacBook screen and paying 500 plus bucks to replace it I just use a cord that displays my MacBook screen on a regular computer monitor which is cheaper to break. But it’s still annoying when I break the regular computer monitor too! So I tried looking for privacy filter screen that could protect my screen although it’s meant for privacy. You know, those filter screens that don’t show what you’re working on if someone were to look at the side of your computer monitor? But those costs 50-100 bucks for just plastic covering a computer monitor! So my husband and I decided to head to a hardware store and make a custom made the acrylic sheet for my computer monitors! Brilliant! We measured the monitors and asked them to cut a sheet based on that measurement. And I just use tape or Velcro to place the acrylic sheet onto the computer monitor! It only costs us 17 bucks! Yay for solutions!

Also, many of you may know that as a tic I toss my phone against the wall. And for a while, to prevent that, I would place a blanket or comforter over my head while playing on my phone or doing work. The downside? I couldn’t breathe!
So my husband bought me a privacy pop up tent for the queen-sized bed. It’s basically a tent for the bed and I could zip it up. If I threw my phone against the wall it would only hit the tent. The only thing now is that I have to dodge the flying phone when it bounces back!
Take that technology!